The flight from London to Hong Kong was a story on its own, I had a few letters and cards to read from family and friends which made me very emotional, scared and excited. A few hours into the flight I was 1 film down and I was feeling better, ready to watch another movie so I popped to the toilet and when I came back the older couple next to me had moved and had been replaced with a much younger lady and a baby. I thought I had got lost or got the wrong seat but I could see my bag and head phones so I just sat down and didn’t question it.  The the lady now next to me, who I learnt later was Vietnamese and the couple who were originally sitting there were her parents. She asked me if she could go to the toilet. Her English wasn’t great but she did have a very small baby with her who  was asleep on the seat next to her and gestured me to watch him while she went to the toilet. So I let her out, sat back down and put my film on pause. I then herd a thud and turned around and my little Vietnamese neighbor is on the floor, passed out being catered off by the air hostess, fantastic. I then proceed to call for help and when the air hostess came over to me I asked if the lady was OK and she ensured me she was fine and not to worry as I turned to look at her while they were putting her in the recovery position, to

 which I replied

“Well that *points at baby* is not mine!”

The flight attendant then looked shocked and said “Oh, well let us know if you need anything!”.. ERM YES A BABY SITTER!?! I then saw the older lady who was sitting next to me originally running down the isle to her daughters aid. She stopped and ran back to me pointing to the baby and then to me and then to her eyes..


So I guess now I am a mother. Ok so cut a long story short.. she didn’t wake up for 4 hours so I had to make sure this baby didn’t fall off the seat, it woke up once and kind of looked at me as I tried to pick it up and it was awkward but when we were about to land the real mother woke up and thanked me and I was put off kids for a few more years as I needed sleep. Anywhooo so now was time to find my way out of the airport and find my coach to the hostel..

My very first picture on my new Go Pro! After an very difficult first night, getting lost several times and not arriving to my hostel till midnight and being in a room with 6 half dressed/half asleep Asian men, crying wanting to come home until Jess and Holly calmed me down- my two life lines! I finally managed to see Hong Kong today, and it is amazing! I could stand in the middle of the pavement all day and be in awe of all the buildings and people. Did anyone tell me travelling on my own would be like this? NO!


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