The children which survived this prison.  

This is the cell in which one of survivors was kept in, below is the said survivor. He now sells his story at the now museum as he is too old to work and provide for his family so two reporters helped him write this book which tells in detail of his experience in these awful prisons.

  Next I took a trip to the killing fields which was awful. Walking over the path seeing bones and teeth all around   
      So I learned that 54% of population in can do is are women and 50% of the  population are 30 or below due to Pol Pot killing millions of people in the 70’s. Educated people where saught out and killed, if you had light skin, glasses ect they were considered intelligent and killed. 1.7 million people were killed, 1 million more from starvation, disease and missing .36 years since the mass killing the population increase by millions that’s why there are so many young people in Cambodia. The average family has 7-12 children to help them work in the fields but 30% children don’t go to school in Cambodia.

In 1978 Vietnam Invaded to stop the mass killing in Cambodia .

The prison I visited was originally a school but it was converted into a prison ( photo above) 7 men survived as they had jobs within the prison. 5 children survived this prison as they hid in the kitchen.

1979 Vietnam arrived in Phnom Penh, (journalists) they didn’t know about the prison until they saw the barbed wire and could smell something. They could smell the  14 dead bodies in block a  of the prison.

Prisons where called the reeducated training centre. Once they confessed names of other educated people they would then be told they would be moved into nice living quarters but really took to the killing fields. 

If the prisoners refused they were tortured to death. If they told them, they would be taken to the killing fields. 11 thousand people died at killing fields 


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