Last two days with my G adventures group! After an 11 hours on the coach and 2 and a half standing in line at the border we finally made it to Thailand! Watching Calvin get his bamboo tattoo was tempting me but when I saw how painful it was I was quickly put off, that and my dad would probably disown me if I got another tattoo and I quite like having him for a Dad.

I couldn’t of asked for a better group of people to explore Vietnam, Cambodia and a little bit of Thailand with! I haven’t laughed so much in years! I’m going to miss each and everyone of them as I begin the rest of my trip without them but Parisha is having a spare room in her new house for when I return so I’ll be fine! I hope I was able to teach P and Sue some photography tips- even if P took over a million pictures this trip! I was so scared about traveling on my own but these people made the begging leg of my trip so good I lost all my fear and by Jesus they all taught me how to drink! I fully blame sue, Collette and Ciara for the alcoholic I became on the overnight train- Top Gun will never be the same! Hope they are all reading this and stealing all of my pictures ☺️



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  1. Milly – reading this on the tube and missing you all! I’ll make sure there is a Mark Whalberg poster in your room when you return 😉

    Great blog, incredible photos but then I expect nothing less from you Xx


  2. Milly – I’m reading this on the tube and wishing I was back in Asia, travelling with you all taking in the sights and experiences of the region.

    Brilliant blogg and incredible photos (but then I expect nothing less from you) 😉

    The spare room with Mark Whalberg poster will be waiting (I better start looking more seriously).

    Happy travels. I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey.

    Be safe,
    P Xxx


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