Most girls want a horse or a kitten.. I want an elephant, but my dads already said no :(! So today was the best day of my life and before anyone comments on the get up I had to wear, they made us wear aladins hand me downs as the elephants recognise those colours as feeding time. Meeting a few people in Bangkok ( picture below) that were traveling to chiang mai I booked the next flight out and met up with them in Hug hostel!

  I wanted to do an elephant tour but I didn’t want to ride them as talking to people in my hostels that have seen the animals being treated badly and I didn’t want to contribute to that. So I found this sanctury that treated the animals fairly and was a good price and the two people I met in Bangkok, lesa and Jonny, also booked this trip. We fed them, had a mud bath with them and then washed them which turned into a huge water fight which was so much fun. The baby elephant that I fed the most tried to eat my camera several times , hense the close up trunk shots but thankfully my GoPro chest strap was strong enough to withhold a baby elephant!  This was on the top of my bucket list and I’m so glad I could do this !!


  From the roof of the hostel !


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