Thailand crewwwww ❤️ 

.. And yes the fan comes everywhere with me!

 We stopped off at a petrol station and they had these huge statues of transformers!!! If you know me well enough you know it’s one of my favourite films and I geeked out pretty hard when someone asked me what a certain statue was and I was able to tell them the name, what film it was in and who played the voice, I realise I’m a loser and I’m ok with that.img_0750IMG_0751IMG_0748 

Someone brought me a new car   
Pool at the hotel    Thought I’d chuck in a selfie as people have commented I don’t appear in many pictures and who doesn’t love a cheeky selfie ?
The most chilled do I’ve ever met


After traveling from Koh Sok to Koh Samui we all went for dinner on the beach, other than it being probably the most uncomfortable dinner as I can’t cross my legs ( dodge knee, if you know me then you know that’s a daily worry) it was really nice. Other than 50million children trying to make you buy their stuff so ‘ they can go to school’ while you eat your food it was really nice. After we went out and I can’t remember who but someone told the staff it was matts birthday when it wasn’t, look at his little face  !!



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