So I can say with confidence, I have the best sister in the world, not only did she help me organise every step of my travels but she then treated me to a week in Phuket in this incredible hotel! I mean she did bugger off to America for a while which left me without my Monday night dinner buddie, so she did kinda owe me. It was so good to see a familiar face again and especially it be the person I laugh the most with. And it didn’t hurt having her around as I got super ill and on antibiotics  so she did the only thing she knew, quarantined me in the hotel room with English movies and chocolate. She also brought me my Straightners 🙌🏼🙌🏼 good hair is once again a reality in my life! So all week we chilled, got a tan, ate really nice meals and it was beaut. Also met up with my friend from my South Thailand tour Vic, which was really nice to see her again and out of the whole island our hotels were opposite each other! Was a well deserved holiday away from my holiday ☺️ 

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