First of all need to show some appreciation to Matthew Ribbands, met him in Thailand  and feel like I’ve known him my whole life! He helped me out in Bali big time, giving me advice and names of places to go and sending me pictures of his friend who’s my future husband. Such a babe, also has helped me conduct a list of things, places and hostels all over Australia that I need to do and visit. I can not wait to see him again and try and get as drunk as we did in Bangkok ❤️  Blue peter sign I made earlier, waiting for Lauren to Land in Bali!

 Photo credit : Lauren Quinn our hostel Funky Monkey, shes too good at details shots not for me to steal some of pictures to put on here.  
    ” pick up all your floor bags man this ain’t south east Asia”
  Bumping into the Epsom boys in Sky Garden in Bali after about 5 attempts at meeting up as they’ve basically followed me around Asia!! £5 all you can eat and drink.. This was a very messy night but was so good to see the boys and catch up. Seeing a familiar face while traveling just instantly makes you so much happier and these lot know how to have a good time!!   And the after math of sky garden, going for breakfast with two girls in our dorm from Funky Monkey, Gina and Jo! 

 Believe it  or not this was a Mexican restraunt. Have to give it to the Balinese, they sure are good at interior design!

Overall Kuta wasn’t bad, we made some good friends and it was an experience but it was very much like Mali, with Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC everywhere you look. This wasn’t how I expected Bali to be but then me and Lauren traveled to Ubud for Christmas and boy how that was different!

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