So me Lauren, Rachel and Robbie rented a car so we could go and do more things around Byron. We got told about Rainbow temple which was about an hours drive away so that was the first thing we did.


Rainbow temple!!

This temple was built by a man named Guy and he’s been building it for 35 years and he says it will never be finished. It’s this huge hippie commun which is basically a huge treehouse which you can stay in for a few dollar. The guy was also half Jewish so got to love the Star of David at the entrance! 

















We got told to hold each other’s hands and enter this pitch black, man made cave.. And it was incredible! Once we were in the cave we looked up and hundreds of glow worms were in the ceiling, tiny little blue lights which looked like stars but so much closer, it was unreal!


   Then we headed to nimbin to have some lunch and check out where everyone is stoned and all the grandmas sell weed cookies at the side of the road.






 Then our last day with the car we drove to this huge waterfall which was amazing.. But two minutes later it chucked it down and we had to run back to the car



Then we went to crystal temple!  


These few days in Byron where just amazing. Everyday was so good for reasons I can’t explain but it was just the best week. This was a cool place but it’s definetly the people that make a place, the beautiful Rachel was our soul mate!! People have said I’ve gotten soppy while traveling but it makes you realise and appreciate people so much more and Rachel truly inspired me and made me think about things differently. That girl gave me confidence I’ve never had and I have her to thank for one night in particular which made my week! Rach I hope you’re reading this and realise how much you done for me this week, I’m so glad I met you!! As for robbie.. MY AUSTRALIAN JEW!!!! He was I think one of the smartest people I’ve ever known! He was so intelligent and I could listen to him talk all day !When I’m back in Sydney me , you , your family and Friday night dinner honey !!! I loved my Byron Family so much!!

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