The carnival came to town!!! Aka Cairns Shows. While me and Lauren were waiting in Ezzys ( woman that’s hooking us up win a farm) she screams at us to go down to the carnival to get a job..not in those exact words but she is a foul mouthed woman. So me and Lauren went down there and met a lady called Jade who is known very well by everyone for being the woman who rides a bike around the carnival to all her different food stands. She kindly have us a job for all three days and yeah that was that, pretty easy and it looked like so much fun as we could see everyone setting up the rides and stools. It seems that when we got back to the hostel to tell people there were jobs going everyone seemed to rush there and get a job which made the carnival pretty good because you could walk around and chat to people you knew… Or in my case, get free food and slushies and win a big purple monkey!!!

This is the first time since Uni me and Lauren have worked together and it was so much fun! We danced all day long to the songs coming from the bumper cars and we worked as a team taking money and sorting out all the weird and wonderful food we sold.. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that a DangDog is $6 while a dirty dog is $8 with extra bacon onions or cheese for $1 extra. Those words are burned into my soul.  The family that owned the food truck were so lovely, while me and Lauren were new they had two full time backpackers who were traveling the country with them, the 10 year old son who was also the cook on our Cainteen and the 8 year old daughter as a cashier. It was crazy but hillarious! They told me all the horror stories of the rides and how they are the 5th generation to own these food trucks which is bizzare but how the carni kids are all so intelligent and most of them are in bording school for most of the year as they are on the road all year round. This doesn’t mean the kids aren’t spoilt.. The 10 year old son has 3 pairs of yeezys and the 8 year old has every single shade of Kylie Jenner lip to say I’d like to join this family !!!

Me Lauren, Ordiee and Matt went to the carnival before we started work. 

Creepiest clown ever

Being a good friend I hooked these two up with a job

Our food truck winning Cainteen of the year! Even though they’ve won it every year for 20 years


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