All the guys dragging me out, running and jumping over rocks and nearly dying doing dangerous stuff while I sit and watch having an anxiety attack.The most unreal day. A day at a deserted beach drinking and chilling all day long. This was the beach I collected shells from and Jakob took them and gave them back to me that night engraved with the date on them. Will never forgot the dogs on this beach 😂

Me and zee Germans.. Russian, American and Albainion but they all speak German so this was my day out with the Germans.

This girl honestly had a green chopping board, making Nutella sandwiches at the waterfalls.. What a hero!

Trinity Beach 🙌🏼

Jakob took me to his friends house called Gregori who was a crazy old Russian man who was hillarious and was so lovely to me. He invited us round to his beautiful house and showed me around and then he told us he caught a shark and made Jakob cut it up and cook dinner for us, the whole time Gregori telling me ‘you should marry a man who cooks you shark, how many times can you say you’ve had a handsome guy cook you shark for dinner’. Just for the record I’m still terrified of sharks so I stayed far away from Jakob while he was cooking, expect to take these pictures. Shark with tomato and onions, three things I’ve never eaten before and it was actually really good. This day was so out of the ordinary for a backpacker which is why I loved it so much. Going to a locals house to cook shark and be shown rugs made of kangeroo road kill defo in my top 10 days in Australia. Me getting a nail tattooSquad 🙌🏼🤘🏼😝

 Think we had a slight obsession with icecream this week 🙈

Extremely drunk..

Ramen night with Leanne to celebrate no longer being bums.

The night I discovered my love of stars, seeing the Milky Way for the first time was just beautiful. Stayed at this lookout for two hours

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