Me and Olly have been in Melbourne 1 day and we received a text confirming there was a camper van for the next day which needed to be taken to Adelaide which was perfect as we could do the Great Ocean Road along the way. Olly went to collect the car as I was in hospital getting another dressing change and came to collect me in this beauty. 

All packed up, we got our new relocation car and set off for The Great Ocean Road! Olly downloaded an app called ‘Wikicamps’ which was a great app to find different campsites all over Australia. You can filter the search for what you need and it pops up all over the place. It saved us and we planned loosely around  these available sites depending on how far Olly wanted to drive. I love driving so much that its actually one thing I miss the most about home, but on this trip I was so happy I wasn’t the one driving. The roads we were on were notorious for Kangaroos running out of the bush onto the roads. I did not want to be in the 5% of deaths caused by Kangaroos, yes I googled it on the drive and yes I believe that statistic.

Split Point Lighthouse

The Great Ocean Road sign, which makes it official !

12 Apostles 

Gibson Steps, also the first time we were cold in a very long time! Digging up the hat and leggings from the bottom of my backpack.


Lock and Gorge

London Bridge

The Grotto!

What you cant see is the wall in which I was standing behind to take this photo, stopping people from going through and getting swept away in a painful death. So we decided to climb over and go take a look!

Trying to save money we cooked all of our own meals which included stopping at a Beach and having Heinz Tom soup, MY FAVE!

Great Ocean Road did not disappoint on the Koala front at one of our campsites.

We had been driving for 3 days and as much as it was beautiful, it took its toll on my back. We stopped off at a Hospital about an hour outside of Adelaide which we didn’t realise was private and ending up paying a lot for a dressing change which upset me. We were also sleeping in the car which was comfortable but freezing, once we gave the car back in Adelaide we had to look for a hostel. We did try but we also found a cheep hotel which had double bed and that was something we couldn’t refuse. Olly was exhausted from driving, I needed a comfortable nights sleep to recover so we treated our selves and ordered a dominoes and relaxed in bed watching movies with pizza, my idea of heaven!

Adelaide city

So we had one day to kill in Adelaide and it seemed like a ghost town, no backpackers in site, it felt more like a big town rather than a city. We walked into town ( where I was mocked and then chatted up by a homeless woman) and I found a leaflet on Adelaide Zoo and saw the panda and that was it, Olly was coming with me or not, I was going to see my first Panda!!!!!

After a lovely day which ended in Nandos, we set off back to Melbourne on a overnight coach!! I just wanted to get back to our friends and get ready for Christmas.

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