I am going to write about what I did in the Philippines and then post a separate page about which route I took and a simple break down of places and activities you can do. I have had a lot of people ask me about the Philippines so hopefully that will help.


So I eventually arrived in Boracay after getting a flight from Melbourne to Kula Lumpa, then to Singapore, then slept in a transit lounge for 6 hours while I waited for my flight to Manila, where I brought a pizza slice for 80p and finally got on my final flight to Kalibo. The fun wasn’t over there, Holly and Aimee had already landed three hours before me so when I phoned them to say I wouldn’t be long.. you can imagine the heartbreak of hearing that there were still travelling to the hotel! After a taxi, strange walk to a beach in the dark with three men, a boat on my own, another taxi and then a golf buggy..I arrived at the right hotel and able to see my sister for the first time in a year. I had been so excited to see her the nightmare of a journey didn’t even bother me. This hotel was the first nice place I had been to in so long it looked like paradise! So many swimming pools and a private beach! Heaven right, I mean look at this place!

 If you look closely at the picture above you can see an Instagram wanker working on his product placement with some bottles in his selfie. He was there for two hours doing this.

Yes I was drunk after one very strong drink

The private beach from the hotel

Cute little passage from the beach to the pool

Aimie was chasing a cat and it ended up in this little chapel in a cave!


New years eve quickly came around and time to celebrate Aimie’s birthday! The island which we were on is known to be the party island of the Philippines so we headed to the beach and brought a bottle of coke, run and plastic cups for about £3, funny thing was the plastic cups were the most expensive item! We drank and watched the most incredible fireworks along the beach then proceeded to break into a few beach parties.

The best and biggest beach party was charging £100 to get in.. we were not about to pay that so we danced outside of the barrier and to our surprise, we looked like the ones having the most fun. So much fun in fact people from the party came over to give us drinks and sneak us in! I danced way too much, drank way to much and spent my first New Years Eve with my sister! So cute!

Being hungover the next day meant I didn’t move from this spot on Facetime to Olly. If I was going to be lazy, at least I would be getting a tan doing so.

The free breakfast for some reason we were not told about until the last day 


The next day we ventured out into town to find some spots we where recommended to go to for lunch. We Found Spider Bar where we had lunch in the tree tops and went for a swim from a ladder which went from our seat straight into the sea.


We sat and watched our first sunset in the Philippines. Well we had been there a few days but we were too lazy to go and see a sunset.

Cebu City!

We checked out of our hotel and went back to the airport and headed to the island of Cebu! At the airport we met the famous taxi man Boy. He took us to this beautiful look out called ‘Tops’with an incredible sunset.

Bohol Island

The next day we took a boat over to Tagbilaran which is the capitol of Bohol. This beautiful island is huge and we tried to cram lots of activities into one day. The first stop was a tour along Lobok River and were greeted with a very theatrical tribe with the cutest kids, Holly tried to steal one but failed.

The child Holly tried to steal.

We then went to see the smallest monkey’s in the world called Tarsier Monkeys!!! Cutest little things. My phone and Go Pro wasn’t good enough to get a good picture so this is Aimie’s picture from her amazing camera.

We visited a church which was destroyed by a Earthquake quite recently

Holly’s dream, the Chocolate Hills. Unfortunately not made of chocolate. They just turn brown in the winter and they kinda look like chocolate..check google if you don’t believe me. 

Our cab driver took us to a butterfly sanctuary on the way back to the Ferry and I am pretty sure we nearly got kicked out as Aimie was asking what would happen if she tried to release all the butterflies.

I cant even remember what our hotel was called, all I remember is they tried to give us Hot dog with our scrambled eggs, or beef, or any other kind of meat which isn’t even close to a breakfast category. But it did have this cool M outside.

Next stop Oslob and Moalboal!

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