Wednesday 25th January 2017

After having got the 4 hour bus ride from hell back to Chiang Mai, having a quick shower in our old hostel, then jumping on another over night coach to Bangkok, all in which our hostel owner in Chiang Mai arranged, we made it to Bangkok in time for our flight to Krabi! This was mine and Olly’s first flight together which felt weird after covering so much of Australia together and now Thailand. He was useless anyway and fell asleep so I managed to finish of Dexter on Netflix! We arrived in Krabi and took a taxi to our hostel K BUNKΒ which seemed like the best one on hostel world for the budget we were on. Hostel was great, very clean and good food and it had chilled vibes because the party hostel was a few doors down which was great because all I wanted to do was sleep! This hostel also had a cool netflix area with bean bags and xbox which is ideal when it rains! It rained a few days while we were here which sucked but it was nice to just spend some time resting, catching up on sleep and contacting back home and watching films together in bed and planning a bit more of our journey around Thailand. Olly had never seen ‘The Beach’ either and seeing as we were heading to Phi phi next, where it was filmed, he needed to see it!Β 

Our first day exploring Krabi we made some friends and walked half an hour to the beach in the heat, which didn’t seem that bad considering we were now about that walking life and I now spend 23 hours of the day sweating. We found Ao Nang Beach which was very nice but wayyyyy too busy! Me Ben and Olly walked to the left of the beach to go and explore and see what else was around and we walked all the way to the end which was then just sand and a path leading up the cliff called Monkey Trail.Monkey

We had no idea what this lead to and the only thing I knew is that I am still extremely unfit! This path led to Pai Plong Beach which was incredible..

So if you know me then you will know how obsessed with photography and drones I am. I found a guy with a drone and I got the balls to go over and just completely fan girl him and watch him control it and see what was over the limestone hills surrounding us. It was amazing!! He even took a photo of us all and emailed it to me! Β 


What you cant see because it is dark is the huge cliff in the background, literally 3 cliffs in one photo!


A backpackers best friend 20p Toastie!


We went on a 4 Island tour which consisted of me Olly..and 15 Chinese people in life jackets that didn’t leave the boat! First stop Koh Mor and Tub Sandbanks! In low tide you can walk between all 3 islands across the sand banks. We proceeded to take cringe couple photos because we can πŸ™‚Β 



Chicken head island 🌴 

Koh Poda

AKA The James Bond island

Bless, him spending so much time with me he does try very hard to get a good photo but he is slowly learning he will never be as good as me!Β 



We just chilled, sunbathed and ate the most amazing beach bbq’d corn here! We got given our lunch from our tour guide and chatted to her about how this island used to have inhabiters as we could see remains of houses but the Government kicked them out and made this island a national park so tourists had to pay to visit it. Typical example of how Thailand is being ruined by tourism.


Phra Nang Cave/ Princess Cave

AKA Penis Cave

There is a myth that Phra Nang Cave is about an Indian Princess who dyed in a shipwreck..something about fertility and the locals believe that if you come to this cave when you are trying for a baby and give an offering, it will bring you good luck with becoming pregnant! I was outtaaaa there as soon as I knew that!

Β Β 

One day me and Olly just walked for ages around to see what else was around and we decided it would be a good idea to walk back through the water, not knowing where the hell we were going or where it would lead and eventually finding this little bit of sand which at the time was just us 2 sitting there watching the sunset, It was perfect!


Next stop Phi Ph!!!


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