Monday 30th January 2017

WE ARE GOING TO PHI PHI.. and Olly looks thrilled!We got off the boat from Krabi to Phi Phi and naturally you are harassed by every person waiting at the doc trying to sell boat trips, buckets, shots, somewhere to stay ect. We had already booked Hangover Hostel, next to the tsunami shelter, so we headed there. There are no cars or engines on this island as it is so small but it makes it very unique. I was expecting Thailand tat as the main land seemed to be over flowing with it but I was so shocked to walk through the small alleys and it was so beautiful with boho, indy vibes. The restaurants looked amazing and the clothes shops were beautiful little boutiques.  When we got to the hostel we met the famous Mr Sing! He was the hostel owner who would go above and beyond for his guests. You need alcohol but you’re getting ready? He will go get it, you need info on a boat trip? He knows it. Need food but you’re too drunk to stand up? He will go get you what you need plus a bottle of water! He was honestly so nice! We met a few German people and a few American and we started drinking straight away, trying to get to know everyone and remember names. We went out, got smashed and had a great night! Me and Olly came back and passed out in our clothes on. Oh and no one wears shoes on Phi Phi, I feel like it is an unwritten rule. 

We ate here at Grand PP Arcade which was amazing food! This is what I mean when you do not expect nice places to be on Phi Phi! Picture stolen from Google.Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 18.54.35

The next day we woke up and everyone had already planned to go on a boat trip but we didn’t know everyone when they booked it. But of course Mr Sing sorted us out and got us on it without us paying which was pretty sweet! We grabbed our camera’s and headed off. This is one thing I have learnt travelling which was very hard for me to get over, you have to be ready to go when ever, there is no time to brush your hair or pick an outfit, you just have to not care because no 1 does!

Monkey Beach!

This Lagoon was the perfect place to float and rest the hang over off !


I have a hard life I am aware..

The famous Maya Bay

Where ‘The Beach’ was filmedThis place is beyond beautiful but be aware that they charge you 400 Bahh to set foot on this beach. Out of a boat of about 15 of us me and Olly where the only one’s who got off to go explore and get a drink! Everyone we were with stayed on and got high which we didn’t want to do so they told us they would be back in two hours and off they went. 

Slightly concerning to see signs like this but Maya Bay and the whole of Phi Phi were affected by the 2004 Tsunami.

We walked through the island to the other side

My Olive skin Olive.

Deffo going to be my new Profile picture!

I also made Olly get his first pedicure haha he loved it!!!

God we are brown!

Leaving Maya Bay 😦 Leo was right to keep this place a secret..After Maya Bay we stopped to watch the sunset as the next activity was to swim with the night Plankton!

The night swim was terrifying as I don’t like the sea anyway but at night it is 100x more terrifying! But it was pretty cool to wave my arms and legs and see all the plankton light up. Obviously it is not anything like in the film The Beach!

And of course we headed home to start drinking!

On a night out I went back to the Hostel to get something and I recognised someone in the tattoo shop opposite…It was my friends little sister Georgina! Such a small world as I bumped into her brother in Bali the year before! The world seems so big but when you bump into someone from Epsom, it feels incredibly small!

As I am not used to drinking and I am the most dramatic person until you meet my sister, I made Olly pay for us to get into a hotel so I could die slowly in a swimming pool on the worst hangover to date! i just wanted a chilled day and you can not do that in the hostels on this island. Everyone wants to party all the time and we were getting bitten so much in our hostel we paid 200 bahh for the day in the pool with just us 2. Still can’t believe Olly puts up with me..I think he got revenge as that night he made me hike up to the look out! On all the vlogs we have seen talking about Phi Phi’s look out mentioning the stairs and hearing people talk about it only taking 20 mins..after 45 minutes we realised we had gone the wrong way and had taken the much harder, longer route up to the look out. I agreed to do this hike but with the promise I was aloud to moan the ENTIRE way until we got there. Thankfully we got there in time for the sunset and got a seat on a rock and slowly dyed in our own sweat. Was well worth it though!

That night we headed to Banana Bar which has an outdoor rooftop cinema screen and we watch Scully! It was so cool as I have always wanted to go to an Outdoor cinema and I didn’t expect my first time to be in Phi Phi!

All of our new buddies had left the island and me and Olly decided to go on another adventure, because I am such an outdoorys walker these days…

‘Only 5 more minutes’

Did find this cool dude trying to sell us weed who owned this hammock outside his shop!

Eventually arrived at Long Beach which is the other side of the island. The main beach where all the clubs are, is disgusting and you would be crazy to swim there. The other side of the island is for the holiday resorts which you can not get to unless you are staying there. So we found this beach which was one where we could actually swim and sunbathe! A few days of heavy drinking and I was done! I feel like I got all my partying out my system, thought I broke my foot and received over 50 bites and was ready to leave! If you do not like partying and going out, I would not recommend going to Phi Phi. If you do, then it is one of the most beautiful places to get f***cked up! As for me.. I am going to leave it here, contrary to popular belief I am very much alive!

😂😂LoooooL 😂😂​


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