That little hole in the ceiling is what we absailed through, down 57m to the bottom of this cave and landed just behind this shrine.
   Today we went abseiling at Marble Mountain, Dông Vân Thông. The first drop was 15ft into a cave which was terrifying but I did it. The second drop was 25ft and if the video loads below you will see me get to the bottom and just lay there as I was just happy to be on the ground again haha. The third drop was 57ft into a cave which you couldn’t see the bottom but at the bottom there was a temple. Even though I cut my elbow to pieces it was so much fun!
  After abseiling we went to odles nodels to see how they make these noodles. This place is apart of the planettera project where they take in kids that have had a hard time and train them up and teach them skills which they can use later in life and apply it so they have a better life. These prawn and beef noodles are beautiful!!


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  1. So again your Ardeche holiday with canyoning and leaping 50 ft into the river must have helped prepare you for abseiling .


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