Can’t express how good Vietnamese coffee is! I would even go as far as saying its on the same level as costa, and if you know me well enough, that’s a big deal! Hoi An is famous for the clothes market, you go in and pick a style you want, material and colour and they custom make anything you want! Guys can get tailor made suites for about £30, where as I got two dresses for £25, bargain. As wel as an incredible mulberry bag and purse, even though I’m traveling I’ve turned into something I hate, a designer bag bitch. So we went snorkelling.. Which was interesting.. Shocking equipment and not a lot to see, did see a blue starfish but two divers saw it and picked it up and swam off.. Yeah but the video is more my first attempt at using the GoPro in water. Even if I did Google and YouTube GoPro hero 4+ is definitely waterproof because it’s become one of my life lines, alone with my phone and passport – again so much love for the Cohen’s buying me this camera it’s made me love photography again! 

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