Rice fields for days! This was probably the most terrifying part of my trip as I went to the loo and I didn’t realise there was a bird eating spider on the back of the door and then a huge lizard crawled under the door. Probably the most vunerable I’ve felt as I couldn’t just get up and run away. I ran back to the car after this ☺️


 Luwak coffee plantation !

So they feed the coffee beans to these animals and when they poo it out they dry it out and then roast it and drink it.. My first question was how did they know that was going to taste good? Like that’s pretty gross to do, but I suppose you could say that about the first person that milked a cow. Clearly weirdos are geniuses

  Monkey forest!!

  The moment this little bugger tried to get into my bag and bit the button off!

He knew Lauren had food



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