Traveled across Bali to Padang Bai for a night where we would get the fast boat over to Gili but we had a day to explore this deserted town. We got told the beach was a 10 min walk, which was a lie as it was up two huge hills, so we jumped on the back of two peds to the top of the mountain where we then had to hike down to the beach. Was pretty beautiful when we got there so win win! 
   Man claiming to be a healer on the beach

   First Day in Gili we met up with a girl we had met in Kuta, Gina and her friend Carl who became our Gili family ❀️

Pretending we stayed at this hotel every day to use their pool was so worth it, even if it was salt water. This pool would later in the week become the pool I jumped into on New Year’s Eve πŸ™ˆ

Gili T Swing!! So we rented bikes and decided to take a cycle around the island, thanks to my Bali tour guide Matthew Ribbands– such a babe  he told me that when you see the swing, keep cycling and you will find the better swings. Which I believed and made everyone keep cycling because it was my mission to find these swings! And it turned out a great profile pic for everyone, even if Carl was hesitant, still got him on it!!  

Sunset Bar- After the swings we all went and chilled at a bar down the beach to obviously watch the sunset. I can’t even explain why but this day was one of my favourite days. Maybe the bikes dodging horses as there are no engines on Gili, the new love of Radlers I found, the alcohol on the beach watching the sunset with my Gili family.. I have no idea but Gina even got goosebumps !photo cred: Lauren Quinn

  Lauren became a pyromaniac..

Kayaked over to Gili Meno for some lunch and to hold an eagle that was chilling on the bar.

Photo credit:Gina Hudson

  Dreads for days 

 The black sand was so tumblr 


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