Luna Park, the oldest privately owned theme park that still has a man standing on the ride controlling it.. Can’t remember the name of this and I can’t remember if this is right, someone told me on the beach.

 First night out in Melbourne/ we didn’t leave the hostel.. It ended well by the picture underneath.





   2 other people from Epsom in this photo, I knew I recognised them but I was way to drunk to realise where from!

Watching the sunset and finding penguines at the end of the pier

                Then came My Birthday!!!


  And things like this make me homesick and miss people a hell of a lot!

  Presents from my Great Uncle I was staying with made with paper him and Mrs Gilbert decorated by hand! Our first week in Melbounre was amazing. Other than getting off a plane from Asia where no one wears make up, to arriving at our hostel 6 hours before we could check in  and having to hang around st Kilda, witnessing all the beautiful people with nice hair and make up was not fun. We met some hilarious people in our hostel and some of them even made sure I had the best birthday ever. This section is all the bad drunk photos to any family reading this, I thought if I put them all together in one section it won’t be a big blow and you all won’t worry about my liver. It’s my bank account you need to worry about Australia is bloody expensive !


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