We went to a gallery because we are art students, it’s what we do.

Aberiginal designed skateboards !

   She literally couldn’t of worn anything better


The street art is insane!


Madame Brussels, Tea Party themed rooftop bar- thanks Holz for the tip!

  Photo by Quinn, their legit menu below.

  Excuse me sir there’s a tram on your roof

Tell me these don’t look like those screaming plants in Harry Potter!?


 I didn’t think anyone else collected Coke bottle like I do. Nice to know I’m not the only weirdo .


Cookie, rooftop bar and cinema!

Watching the Melbourne Open on the Big screens in Federation Square!

    Photo credit: Lauren Quinn
This place is huge! Everything the pavements, the streets, the shops and the prices! People told that Melbourne was a more chilled out London but it’s no where near. It reminds me of a happier New York because it’s sunny but no one is in a rush. You wouldn’t have that annoying woman running for the tube to then knock your phone out your hand and drop it down the tracks in Melbourne. People are super friendly and make eye contact and strangers smile at you, even though I was convinced it’s because I scream ‘I am not from here’. Melbourne is so amazing, literally in the doorway you wouldn’t want to go into leads to a lift which takes you to the funniest rooftop bars, or there are shops you think are shops but then you walk around and inbetween all the stuff is a barber cutting a customers hair. There’s things hidden everywhere which reminds me of London but I’m not wearing black and getting a tan. I love Melbourne a lot!
Also a huge THANKYOU to my great uncle Clive and his wife Eddie for letting us stay at their house, cooking us food, taking care of us, fixing our cameras and shoes, teaching us things and putting up with out pomy ways! Was so nice to meet you and both of your children Simon and Vanessa and their families!!  Nice to know I have nice and welcoming family all the way over this side of the world!


 And then came the last day 😢 Melbourne has been amazing but it’s time to move on and get a 8 hour coach to Canberra to see my favourite Australian RUBY!!❤️


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