First day in Byron Bay and we checked in to the Arts Factory, which is also known as the inbetweeners hostel because they stayed here in the second film. It’s literally hippies, stonners, atleast 6 people with a guitar playing wonder wall, people who use the word ‘Narley’, water dragons, snakes, huntsman spiders, wolf spiders and a few people who think it’s ok not to wash! Even though if you know me well enough you can’t imagine me here but I bloody loved it! Longest in a long time I haven’t checked my phone or even had wifi, Jess was most upset as was Holly who assumed I was dead, but it was the first time in a kong tjme i had no worries.. other than the cat sized spiders joined me in bed, i was fine! We met a German girl called Rachel who wanted to do the light house walk so we all left for the house. It turned into a four hour hike stopping off at the look out on the beach, watching the surfers and seeing wallabies. Rachel well and truly kept me and Lauren going making sure we didn’t give up! We reached the most Easternly point of Australia so technically we where the first people in the world to experience that time of day! When we eventually got to the top, we jumped the fence on the hill and sat down and watched the sun go down, then a little bunny jumps out and plays at our feet- Rachel trying to give it grass when it’s surrounded by grass 😂 we was so tired we hitch hiked back into town with a lovely Koren family.. who just looked at us and smiled. Literally the best first day ever!  




 (It’s an inbetweeners saying dad I know you won’t understand this.)









Met my soul mate in Byron..








My favessssss ❤️


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