We stayed at Big hostel which was rubbish, full of families, Chinese and way too many rules ( no plastic bags in the room Incase it wakes someone up..ITS A HOSTEL NOT A HOTEL) but thank god Matt Hooked me up again and forced me to stay at wake up which was soooo much better! 

Two Aussies down on my travels! Gretta, the sweetest most precious person I’ve ever met, in Thailand, came to meet us in New Town to show us around. She wrote me an incredible list in Thailand of so many places to go and see or visit and I’ve been working my way threw them but it was so nice for her to join me on something on the list- and she was right, this place below has the best icecream ever! We went to a tea shop and tried all these fancy teas which we couldnt afford and then had a beaut Thai lunch. 

Sydney reminded me of London way too much, the grey weather, buildings and people. It was nice to see and meet up with someone from home but it definitely isn’t my favourite place so far. Sydney’s strict drinking laws are just a buzz kill, no entry or re-entry after 1:30am, so you can’t get some air and then come back in, it’s called a lock out. Which also means no doubles or shots after 1:30 and they stop serving alcohol altogether at some point too. The streets are dead and it just makes it seem like a ghost town ! But in the flip side.. Sydney’s dominoes had garlic and herb dip which is a rarity in Australia.. They also have $5 for a large pizza.. That’s £2.50 for a whole large pizza !!






If I had $20,000 I would buy bubblebee for my future house! 
  10 minutes after this photo we got stuck in a cyclone and were drenched!!    



  Art gallery- being art students and that

                            Manly Island!  

 I was a little bit tired..  


View from the ferry back to the main land was insane.   

 Pancakes on the Rocks!  
 Ebeth’s birtbday breakfast/hangover cure!

  Oh how I’ve missed pulled pork!!
    “it’s one of those things you look out of “   




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