Lake Mckenzie.. Calls for a photo shoot to take place


What a great day to wear green 








 Nirvana album cover remake expect we aren’t naked babies.

Me taking shot gun on the first drive across the beach was bliss even though during the safety talk about driving on sand it didn’t look too hard and even after showing us countless photos of car crashes and stories how if you roll the car your whole car will die I still wasn’t scared. Until the first drive over dry sand, the steering wheel gets taken by the wheels and it’s your job to keep it straight without over steering and rolling the car. Watching Andy do this drive really scared me because I could see how difficult it really was and he was so chilled and me being in the front, I could see how hard it was to follow the tracks infront but he didn’t even look bothered while I was trying to mask my heavy breathing and constant thought of ” this is it, death by sand” he was perfectly fine!  


 After I came to terms with everything I started doing what I always do and took some photos.  

     Quinn drove back from lake McKenzie to the hostel blaring her grand theft auto soundtrack, while I was in the back quickly remembering what her driving is like back in beacons field. It’s true what they say drivers never forget how they drive even after a few months of not driving she’s still a maniac but a safe maniac.
  My turn my turn my turn !!! So handy drinking the first day and being the first one to drive the second day as the tide had gone out over night leaving the sand wet which was so much easier to drive on. I did initially 💩 my self as I had 7 lives in my hands and Hollys voice in my head telling me the week before she did this a whole car died. After about 5 minutes I forgot all of that and was pushing down on the accelerator over all the bumps and water streams, it was so much fun! It felt exactly like I was in mad max, expect I didn’t have an albino on my roof playing guitar. 

 Champagne pools   






Indian head  








Eli creek  




 Dingo! Cute little wild dogs that could rip your face off 

Passion wagon ❤️🙌🏼

  Frazer was so good ! Love everyone I met there and pretty much everyone is traveling up the coast too so I’m going to see them all again very soon!!

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