Whitsunday’s aboard the Clipper!   We got told as we were chatting away it would make a great cover photo so Lauren ordered Connor to go get her phone and take a picture, he wasn’t wrong.

First stop Whitehaven beach and look out!  






If you didn’t get a picture like those, did you even go to the Whitsunday’s ?  

  Who doesn’t look good in a stinger suit?

 Dream team 🙌🏼👊🏼


  Nice picture..
 Then the true Andy comes out..

  And I nearly drown from laughing. 
  Boats and hoes 

 I took this photo so I’m kinda proud I nearly got Everyone off the ground


 Scotsmen about 


  So proud of Quinn for doing this after about 6 slut drops and the whole boat cheering her on!! Video will  be at the bottom!

  Sam used to be a gymnast so I’m going to say 9/10

 Andy has a height advantage but still a solid 8/10!







The last night on the clipper (click that link for video)  

  If I could upload my own songs that would be great but I can’t so I’m apologising for the song now. 


Ah man I don’t even know what to write! This trip was amazing, it blew my expectations out of the water. From the first day of just drinking and jumping in the sea getting to know everyone I could tell it was going to be a great few days. The weather was perfect and the snorkelling was pretty good only annoying thing is we had to wear stinger suits when ever going into the sea because of all the jelly fish and everyone looks unreal in those things! The second day going to the look out and Whitehaven beach was beautiful, the silicone sand did wonders on my skin and cleaning all my jewellery. I didn’t even take my phone out my bag which I loved but it did mean I didn’t get any photos of the turtles, Dolphins or reef shark we saw at night, but equally I have no digital reminders of how drunk I was, even though the last night was so good to be drunk laying on bean bags with Dom, Liv, Connor, Taylor  and Luke staring at the stars listening to James bay, was incredible, even if I did find out how much of a weirdo Connor is that night, nice human 😂 Me and Lauren were worried about not having a good boat but it couldn’t have been better, I met some people I don’t know how I coped without knowing them before, literally haven’t got on with people so well so quickly than the twisted people I met on this trip! I don’t even want to boost their egos because they’ve got big enough heads already but Chris, Adam and Alex made me laugh more than I ever have! My main man Chris I feel like I’ve known him years and I don’t know how I haven’t met him sooner seeing as he lives about 15 mins away from my Mum but equally he quickly became my new best friend/bitch not once moaning when I Ordered him about haha going to miss this guy a lot after Cairns! Such a small world with My dream team/ Bournemouth team Andy Melssia and Sam. All went to Bournemouth uni while Mel lived there and Andy doing photography and Sam working with Laurens housemate in revs and yet we all met on this boat and had such a good time! I loved everyone on this trip and can’t wait to see them again up the coast. The people 100% made this trip!! 


    When the craving for chips and gravely hit on our greyhound Coach this service station pulled through, and turned me into a child while I climbed all over this huge kangeroo. Fun fact this huge eye saw was used in some kind of games.. Maybe the olympics or common weatlth I can’t remember and im dyslexic so can’t read anyway. 




 Picnic in the park 


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