One of the last things to tick off my East Coast bucket list, BARBIE CAR!!!

 Broken Barbie 







I bloody told her about the ice cream was a bad idea in the car but did she listen ? 😂




 We attempting fishing but failed and sunbathed instead 

Saw my first possum and it was adorable   

Finally got to be a Barbie for a day with my ken by my side! Me Sam Emma and Lauren struggled for about 3 hours to find the Barbie car but eventually we found one and drove around the island all day, stopping at good backdrops for a photoshoot.. Obviously.  Loved spending my last days in magnetic with this crazy lot! Reunited with the beautiful Emma who we can’t seem to not bump into every place we go which is brill because even though we met in Byron we didn’t get a chance to hang out much and now she’s like one of my limbs!

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