Credit to Adam Simpson for the name of this post.  

Our chauffeurs for the day, purely because I was a cripple and they love us. But they still insisted we go on a hike in the boiling heat with a dodgy knee which I wasn’t aloud to complain about even though I could just about walk let alone bend my leg, got me shotgun all day so win win!   Ok the hike was totally worth it but we didn’t see any Koalas like trip adviser promised 

  But this is where me and Lauren gave up, needed to sit and die while the boys pushed on like true heros.. Yeah screw that!  With a bad knee this is the only bit I could climb 😂


 Incase we died trying to find the car we took our last selfie

 Great parking guys

   Literally had the beach to our seleves was so nice! 

 What a hunk   

 Shameless selfie w***ers ( Sorry grandmother) 

 So we took the Barbie car to a beach which was only accessible with a 4×4.. Can safely say I’ve never been more scared of dying in a car crash than I was driving here but we didn’t get caught and didn’t get a $300 fine which was a result. Oh and we took beers to the beach which was beaut to watch the sunset with but made the journey home exciting.  


 Chris wasn’t wrong when he said how good the sunset was from West Point. 
Then we went home and got smashed on cheep wine! Thanks for high jacking my snap chat, for that I will post the picture which I’m sure neither of you remember taking 😊


 We got kicked out of the bar at midnight because Australia’s really good drinking laws refrain you from being in the bar they kick you out to the beach, where I saw a shooting star, or a satellite not sure.

Now for the gross bit.. So I fell over in Airlie beach and hurt my knee pretty bad and due to the heat and where it was on my knee it wasn’t healing at all and the skin kept coming off which is gross but this should be an advert to stop people drinking in heels. Went to a pharmacy who gave me a ton of bandages and cream and drew around the swelling so I’m on the mend but milking it as much as possible with people holding my bags, driving me around, using the disable toilet.  

A day later 

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