Last stop along the East Coast, Cairns 

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  This post may be soppy, I know I’ve changed and yes I do have a heart, you’ve been warned.

 We started our trip in Melbourne so obviously we’ve become coffee snobs and have to try all the areas coffee to judge the town accordingly.. This was also before we ran out of money so this was a bloody luxury ! Big thank you to my Great Uncle Clive that sent us some coffee in the post, that made our day!



So the whole way up the East Coast we’ve met so many people  traveling north and at one point or another we’ve bumped into them for a day or two but in Cairns we knew everyone would be there eventually, which made our final 5 hour greyhound coach so worth it because we knew how much fun we were going to have.


 These pictures sum up my time with Emma, always in histerics!



  His hair is on point!
I still get the weirdest with my main girl Quinn💜


 All the people we met in hostels, on nights out, drunk conversations in toilets, on frazer island, on the clipper, familiar faces from everywhere seemed to be in Gilligans at the same time. Gilligans by the way is an amazing hostel ( Matt Ribbons you pulled through again on the hook up love you man) we had a fridge, balcony, on suite and a tv, that is luxury to a backpacker! And we had great people for a few days then it was empty for the rest so it was basically a private room. Anyways getting back to the soppy shit, When I saw my sister in Phuket and Lauren for the first time back in Bali I can’t tell you how happy I was to see a familiar face. Now being here I’m seeing them all the time and it does make you feel a little at home. I’ve met some of the most hillarious, amazing, inspiring people traveling and we all got to meet  up and get smashed and have a great time! We haven’t actually managed to do anything in cairns like the waterfalls and the reef because we’ve run out of money but now we have to look for jobs in this dead town and try get back on our feet. We are currently working at nomads for accommodation with about 5 people we’ve already met traveling so let’s see how long this lasts. But for now the hardest thing is to say bye to people, which isn’t easy but I will never let them know that! If you’re reading this and you’re someone I’ve said bye to resently, it’s not the last time you’re going to see me haha Soz but you can’t get rid of me that easy!  

It was also Mother’s Day while I was here which made me miss my Mum a lot. If you know me well enough then you will know how hard it was for me to FaceTime her without crying and just wanting a hug from her to tell her how amazing she is and how beautiful she looked! Holz sent me these pictures at Charlote Tilbury where mum got her makeup done. Miss you Crazy P X


I warned you it was going to be soppy.. I know I know,I’ve  changed I actually do have a Heart , it shocked me too don’t worry!

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