So nomads is where we work and we are now a family 

14/3/2016 – We moved into a really crap room, no aircon, damp when it rains and I was on top bunk. However, I met Emily and Lee which has made this terrible place bareable. They are the most chilled people ever and even though I’ve only known them a week I’m going to miss laughing as much as I did and the scruffs themseleves a lot! Currently writing this from lees old bottom bunk and my new home for hopefully not long, staring at the nandos sign you stole wishing you guys didnt get fired for being crap at hoovering and could of stayed here! Im already bored without you guys ! Hopefully will see you guys soon on the farm or if not.. THAILAND IN NOVEMBER! 

24/4/2016- So moving to nomads was initially a big change for me and lauren. We didn’t know anyone and everyone seemed to be really close which was kinda intimidating at first. We met Emily, Lee, Rosie and Jamie in our room and instantly got on, even though we have a shitty room with no air con and the first week I was on top bunk and that was hell, we still loved our roomies too much to move. When Lee and Emily left I was devistated as I was only close to them as they were hillarious and hadn’t really spoke to other people.  
 As I already knew Abbie and Grace from the east coast I knew I’d be ok here but I did not expect to get as close with everyone here. We all live and work together so we became a little family so quickly and a family night out was always messy as I think everyone has a drinking problem. I am so glad I came to Nomads and have met all these people, there is never a dull moment at Nomads and I haven’t laughed this much every day in my life! I say this a lot but I genuinely think I’ve made friends for life with these crazy alcoholics.  






  We don’t only go out in the evenings, sometimes we all wake up early enough to do things in the day too.  


Which normally ends up in a night out



Charlie and Alex’s leaving do 😩

 when you wake up to a flood After st paddys day  😂
  And the first time I spoke to Faye when she came into our room at midnight to get her head shaved by a not so sober Emily 😂  


                             Ryan’s Birthday! 

As a family we always colour coordinate

    Some old friends from Melbourne 
   Pirate Partyyyyy  





First selfie I’ve  taken in a while 






Night out with the newbies    

And now for the best bits..  

     An expensive day in the English sweet shop but the first time in 5 months I’ve had my favourite crisps !!

And the classic night shift Netflix and chill sessions 👌🏼  

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