So first of all I have to thank My family, the Cohens (foster family), my nomads family and everyone that has messaged me  over this past week, honestly means a lot. Also Sammy, Grace, Lauren, Faye, Abbie and Abby for coming to see me In hospital and bringing me food and clothes and just cheering me up as I was petrified about to have surgery. 

So basically I had a cyst growing at the end of a tube in my lower back which was also at a nerve ending. Gross I know but it was the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. My tailbone started to hurt two weeks prior to this and I didn’t think anything of it as the beds at Nomads weren’t great so I just put it down to that. So on Monday the 18th I went to the doctor about the bump which had appeared and she told me I needed to go to the hospital immediately, so what’s the first thing I do? ..Wake Jess up crying down the phone to her on my way to the hospital, pathetic I know. So I get to A&E and within 5 mins Lauren was there too  look after me and I was seen pretty quickly. They told me I’d start on antibiotics then they would drain it. But after having 4 male surgeons basically poke around the top of my bum they told me I need surgery and I needed it today. This absolutely scared the s*it out of me as I had never had surgery before, never been put to sleep before and was half a world away from my family who I wanted there more than anything. So I call the most sensible adult I knew would answer the phone to speak to the doctor.. Baby T! She calmed me down so much and was so reassuring hearing from her that I was going to be fine! All the girls came to see me before my surgery and cheered me up and brought some goodies which helped with the first night in hospital on my own with a painful drip in my arm. I won’t go into too much detail about the surgery but I will say is that when I was being pushed down to the operating room I was waving to everyone who was passing me by asking if I could take this mobile bed home with me. When I got into the room I was put on a very narrow bed and an lady who was a nurse held my hand while I cried and eventually put to sleep, I’ll never forget that lady who held my hand the whole time the surgeon was explaining me to what was going to happen, she was amazing. I knew I’d be ok and wake up because my Auntie Dawn prayed for me and I trust that she protected me through that surgery. So anyway when I came too my throat was killing from the tube that helped me to breath and I was handed an ice pole, I was so high all I was asking was had they given me a Kim Kardashian booty and if they hadn’t to take me back in and that everything looked exactly like greys anatomy.. Moral of that is don’t give me morphine and expect me to talk sense. I came too and the surgeons came in to see and all I can say is I’ve never cried and screamed so quickly in my life when they checked the wound. They had packed it so deep when I was asleep that I nearly kicked the doctor in the face and a nurse had to hold me down. They explained that in order for it to heal and not happen again, was to leave it open and let it heal from the inside out. This meant everyday for god knows how long I’ll need dressing changes. So when I calmed down and called the girls they came to back and they all came and took me outside for the first time since I was admitted 3 days prior.. Cue beautiful picture of me in gown outside the hospital.


Anyways so my dad being the most amazing dad anyone could ask for, booked me into a hotel for a week to recover and to make sure I could rest in a clean and nice surrounding. Now going from 5 months in hostels to a 5* hotel was pretty amazing. I stayed at the Pullman Reef Casino hotel and I would recommend this hotel to anyone coming to Cairns. The staff knew I just had surgery and did anything and everything to make me comfortable. They helped me to the car each morning, always asked how I was doing, let all of my friends visit me every day and helped me out with things in my room when I couldn’t move. Oh and they also gave me free redbull to give me some energy as I’d been bed bound for the whole week. My dad also only booked this hotel from a review about how good the coffee was and my dad knows how much I love coffee so me and Grace got to work on trying all the different types they did. Not only did my dad do this amazing gesture for me but he let me get room service when ever I wanted and rent the movies all week and there’s nothing I love more than laying in a King size bed watching films all day having steak delivered to me. Dad only let me get the steak if I had it medium rare, got to love Popa Cliff for that! On my second day at the hotel I had some beautiful flowers delivered from my Mum and Sister which honestly made my day. I’ve always loved getting flowers because I never get them and it really cheered me up and I could feel how much they both missed me and cared for me half a world away. 

The Nomads girls were literally my life and soul, everyday they would come and visit me bringing me food and goodies and clothes from the hostel and generally making sure I was ok. They made sure I wasn’t on my own and had someone to come with me to the doctors every day as that’s when I have to take my Meds and when I was pretty high from pain relief and helped me home to the hotel everyday. These girls are literally amazing. Massive shout out to Sammy, Grace, Faye, Abbie, Lauren and Daisy. You girls honestly made my day each day by just a simple text or spending a day in bed with me. Even though I’ve only known them just under 2 months they cared for me like I’ve known them years especially Sammy and Grace who would come back after work to make sure I had someone to go to the doctors with. These girls kept me sane, even though I was in an amazing room sometimes I’d get upset missing home a lot or just wanting to be home while I was this vulnerable and it was hard, it was very hard to let people take care of me as I hate people seeing me vulnerable when I try to appear so strong and tough and take care of others. But after a phone call with my dad who is just as bad as me, he won’t let anyone look after him or even admit he’s in pain, he told me to just embrace it and rest up as much as I could. 

I have said a million times I’m the unluckiest person alive and being ill and bed bound gives you a lot of time to think about things. I’ve always known that deep down I am lucky, lucky enough to have such an amazing family and Jess but this week really proved that to me not only did it make me believe that so much more but it made me appreciate the new friends in my life. This is so soppy but I could honestly cry at how over whelmed I am with how amazing the girls have been to me, if any of you are reading this I hope you know how much what you did meant to me and I love you all.

My sister had her first surgery in Australia when she traveled here exactly 8 years ago, give a week to my surgery here. Anything Holly can do I can do too aye! 

So that’s enough now but this week I learnt who my friends are and how incredible my family are and I love them so much but I’m glad my Dad didn’t fly out as I wouldn’t of had this unreal room, been in a robe and slippers and caught up on every new movie out! Hopefully my next post will be about how I recovered very quickly or I met a handsome doctor who fell in love with me and didn’t care I had two arseholes, a girl can dream.  

The ceiling of my bed in A&E which I stared at for a few hours. What hospital has no wifi ?!  

 So I was so bored I started taking selfies as I didn’t know the extent of my injuries and thought this could be it, the last pictures of me ever..so I took a lot! 



Bringing that coachelle vibe to the hospital 🌸.. Yeah I was really bored and I had no lives left on candy crush.


    Finally got changed for surgery.. One last selfie before I was put under.
The view from my room which I was in for 3 days


Then I was allowed visiters !! So Lauren climbed into bed with me


  And then Abbie got into bed with me 



 The first bit of sunlight in 3 days!

    Room service is a dream! Ordered chips and couldn’t finish them so Grace helped me out! 

 Dream having a dressing gown and slippers not to mention not having to wear flip flops in the showers!    


Girls bringing me dinner ever night 🙌🏼

 Starting to feel better bring in this amazing hotel. My favourite thing to do is watch films and I can watch about 8 a day being here, Best 6 days ever! 

  My amazing Sister and Mum sent me flowers which made my day! Miss them so much and this little pick me up really made me smile!    


  One reason my dad booked this hotel was a review about how good the coffee was and he knows me so well that I would appreciate this a lot ! Every morning when I get my dressings changed I get a coffee which helps with my morning Meds where I am high as a kite.   

Now for the yummy bit..

 And the beautiful views 

And that’s it !!

So a week later of me thinking I was better and going out and drinking I got a sever allergic reaction to the packing and was in a lot more pain and could hardly walk. So back to the hotel I went!

But this time I could actually have a bath as I was healing very quickly.

Leanne, Stephen, Frazer, Sammy and Abiee were amazing looking after me the second time round. You guys have no idea how much I appreciate that, love you x
8/7/16 so it happened again.. Back into surgery but feeling better than the first time! Hopefully all healed shortly and off to the farm to get my second year visa!

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