I had this page planned for a few weeks and have been working on it for a while but Jess being the princess she is has requested a page dedicated to her and let’s be honest, who else would I be able to write a whole page about when I haven’t seen them in 6 months !?So first of all I have to try my hardest to put down in words how much Jess and her family mean to me, I can’t even begin to express how much I love and miss them. The short few months I lived with them were the best! I felt apart of the family from the first day her mum brought me my own strawberry water and diet cokes, not to mention the countless clothes rails ๐Ÿ˜‚. When I talk about them to people I meet travelling which is a lot I call them my adopted mum/dad and sisters because they are. They always make sure im keeping up in the family group chat which I never want to ever leave and never fail to make me laugh. I always sent them pictures first of what I’m doing because I’m so excited to show them. Baby T was the first person I called when I went into hospital and she calmed me down massively and Jess has taught me well when it comes to Dad paying for me to be in a hotel ( never settle for less) and how can I when I’ve lived such an amazing lifestyle when I was with them?! Love you too Eva ! 

Getting back to my soulmate, even though she’s a world away, isn’t here with me, hasn’t met anyone I talk about, hasn’t experienced hostel life or travelling, somehow she just knows. She knows me better than anyone has ever known me, I can call her and just the tone of my voice she tells me to go to my suitcase and get the card out she wrote me that is titled “for when you need telling off”. She reminds me that I’m travelling and I should just have fun, not worry and enjoy my self and I realise now when I’m typing this that sounds ridiculous, how can you forget that when I’m living in paradise sunbathing every day? But I do, you still get your down days in paradise when you just want to snuggle up on the sofa with your best friend and watch her shitty rom coms (pretty woman was really good, I’ll give you that one). We normally do speak every day but when we don’t and have our weekly catch up its like nothing’s changed. I’ve learnt to appreciate her a hell of a lot more, even though before I knew I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her, now it’s the little things that make me laugh so much or make me miss her so much. When she’s showing me off her new glasses on FaceTime posing and pouting or telling me when people have ‘potench’ or are ‘horren’. Or when I just need someone to rant to about something she’s sat there agreeing or probably saying something a lot worse but never judging, gota love that in a best friend. I struggled so much when I left her, I honestly did not think I could ever miss someone as much as this, Ive lived with her for 4 years after all. I’ve had boyfriends that when it ends yeah it sucks and you feel somethings missing but never to this extent where it’s everyday you feel that small panic you’ve lost your phone.. That’s what I feel like without Jess because she’s my life and soul. 

When I was recovering from surgery and I was pretty down about everything I couldn’t stop crying. All I wanted to do was talk to Jess and she told me things other people were saying like “it’s going to get better” but just hearing it from her made me feel 100 times better. It was the worst feeling in the world being that vulnerable and down without having her physically next to me and I know it killed her to not be here too but somehow we managed. Every night around midnight when I would get upset and wish I was home she’d be there to tell me to get a grip and I love her for that! I hate to admit this because for the past 4 years she’s been the cringe one who talks about me to everyone but currently living in cairns and having a close group of friends, I don’t think there’s one person who doesn’t know who she is I talk about her that much ( im cringing writing this Jessica I hope you realise this)

I once sent her a blog I found that was called ‘ The things people don’t tell you about travelling’ and one part was how people kinda move on when you leave and you struggle to fit back into their lives but she’s the one thing I’m not worried about being different when I get home, also after her telling me that article was a load of shit I just know we will be exactly the same. I’m so so so proud of her for doing her thing in the PR world with her Sassy work mates ( who btw need to know their place when I return ๐Ÿ‘ธ๐Ÿผ) and for being ok without me there. Even though when we live together we are in separate rooms texting each other while I watch CSI and she watches make up tutorials. She’s changed my life, not only making me confident but showing me how good life can actually be. I genuinely believe I’ve found my soulmate, no guy is ever going to come close to what we have and they will need to learn that quickly. She’s got me through the hardest times of my life and I just hope one day I can come close to doing as much for her as she’s done for me. I love you so much Jess, like it’s not normal how much. Love ๐Ÿ’›

 Even buzzfeed knows 

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