4 months of being in Cairns and I’ve never actually done any trips. So a bunch of us rented cars, brought some food and did a day trip to as many waterfalls as we possibly could then headed to Lake Eacham for a BBQ. The whole day cost $25 which is equivalent to about £13, even though I was dying from sun stroke I couldn’t really complain especially as I was with all my favourite people on such a beautiful day.  Lauren brought a car recently which means we got to drive to Crystal Casscades which is another waterfall about 20 minutes from our hostel.

Babinda Boulders  

Josephine Falls 

Ellinjah falls 

Milla Milla – Peter Andre waz here 1995

Lake Eacham – where the water was so clear and the fish so big everyone developed a fear of fish.

Quinn just floating away

Crystal Casscades 

” Well this is shit”- My favourite picture of Shona ever!!

‘ No fear’ written on the rock these boys scaled and nearly died getting to.

Lauren Quinn photography ^^

Even though it took me 4 months to do these trips I’m so glad I waited. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t of been able to experience this with all of my Nomads Family and have one of the best days in Cairns so far! Having someone else (Shona) that was also in pain with delicate bare feet on all the rocks had me in hysterics and everyone thinking we were surly going to die by crocodiles. Who knew a group of people could be so scared of fish?! Oh and a domestic about where to buy alcohol 😂. I love my crazy stupid alcholic Australian family!

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