Any family member reading this please just turn back now, it doesn’t get pretty the further you scroll, just a lot of days and nights I don’t remember with the people I’ll struggle to forget! 

Anyone else, these people are the reason I’ve stayed in Cairns so long, these people have made Cairns unforgettable, they’ve made the woolshed the best place in the world even though we go there probably twice a week and I didn’t even go to ocies that much! Everyone that joined our family if it was for a day, a week or a month you will always be my Cairns Family!! 

First night out after my surgery! 

This is the best selfie I’ve ever taken, defo going in the blog 👌🏼

Where everyone always ends up..

Some familiar faces half way across the world! George and Leaha have been traveling all over the word and we finally were in the same place at the same time.. Watching the England game ! 

For Sarah’s birthdays she got a hotel room so we went round for pree drinks before heading out ! 

Best thing Olly has ever said! Don’t think anyone will understand how funny I found this 😂

4th of July was probably one of the best days at Nomads, was very drunk doing my evening cleaning shift. 

And how everyone always ends up 


Oh how I do love Cairns!

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