Me and Lauren thought it was about time to do the Great Barrier Reef having lived in cairns for nearly 6 months and still yet to do our scuba dive. Of course as soon as we start looking into prices my back decided I wasn’t ready to have fun just yet so off I went to have my second surgery. As I was determined to get better before the farm I only asked my dad for three days in the hotel to recover because I was not letting this ruin mine and Lauren’s trip again! After having my second surgery and recovering in no time we were all set to do our dives. We decided that we wanted to do the expensive package as it included a buffet lunch and breakfast with two dives and one snorkel. Once we booked it and was ready to set off at 7 am I thought I better text my family in case I got eaten by a shark, which with my luck and fear of sharks, was most likely to happen.Oh and after inhaling the nice breakfast on board my body again thought I was having too much fun and for the first time in my life I got sea sick the whole way there.. Throwing up in a bag at sea is never a memory you want to have. Our first dive was the scariest experience of my life as we were told if we hold our breath at any point we could burst a lung, we had to keep popping our ears which we could only do by swallowing which meant for 1 second we held our breath and it was a very scary experience. We wasn’t aloud our cameras on the first dive as we had to focus on breathing and keeping up with the guide. When Lauren swam infront of me she pointed to something which I couldn’t see yet but as it came closer, of course it was a shark. I know it was a small black tip reef shark which can’t kill or eat me but it still seemed like ever scenario I had thought about when getting in the sea.. That jaws would come and grab me and drag me to a horrible painful death.. But it didn’t, it just swam straight on passed in a very majestic manor. First sighting of a shark and I was still alive and in one piece, winning!! We swam for about half an hour before our air started to run low and we saw the most incredible coral and what seemed like mazes of underwater beauty. It was mind blowing how incredible it was. We had herd mixed reviews of the reef so I didn’t know what exactly to expect, that I’ve seen in finding nemo or the hundreds of articles claiming we’ve ruined and killed all the reef. Finding nemo got it spot on 👌🏼once we were back on the boat we had some lunch which was a buffet and yet we still got a huge plate of shrimp and devoured the whole plate! We then got told that we would be able to snorkel before our next dive, so off we went with cameras in hand trying to get some pictures of the reef. Of course we had planned out a picture to put on Instagram which was an underwater shot swimming up with the reef as the back drop, perfect right? No.. I swim down and try and line up the perfect shot and then I feel my knee pop out of place which isn’t great not being able to move my whole leg and being terrified of sharks. I carried on trying to snorkel as I refused to let that stop me, after two surgeries, one bad knee isn’t stopping me from ticking something off my bucket list. So I tried my best to swim with Lauren helping me but soon after we got separated and I couldn’t see her and the waves started to get rougher and I couldn’t keep my self up with one leg so I signalled the life guards help to then them throw me a life ring and jump in to help me out the sea. The crew were amazing they carried me to the sofas and wrapped me up in lots of blankets and got me something to eat and drink. They then made everyone wait so I could be carried off the boat onto land, which the captain then took me to the hospital in his own car making sure I was ok, highly recommend Silver Swift to anyone doing a reef trip!!

And of course.. I end up in hospital..

The moment before and after my knee decided to dislocate.

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