Well Cairns it’s been emotional.. 5 Months, 166 days, 20 weeks of wifi and housekeeping, 6 trips to the hospital, 2 surgeries, 4 hotel trips, 30 dominos, 100 nights in woolshed and I’ve met sooo many people I’ll never forget, in the one unforgettable place that I called home, Nomads! Last night was the best send off anyone could ask for! The Godfather and Godmother of Cairns Leanne Rochelle Flanagan and Darragh Pearse Tuite this isn’t goodbye! SINCE YOUVE BEEN GONE!!!! It’s been fun but now it’s time to move on to Byron for our Farm work, bring on the road trip now I’m a cripple !

The last few days at nomads was emotional and scary to prepare my self to actually leave my comfort zone knowing everything was going to change again, I forgot what travelling was like for a while.

Just so happened that our leaving do was on the same day as the staff party!! More excuses to drink!!! The theme was pool party..from what I can remember and by looking at what I wore from these photos.

My favourite person from Cairns, Leanne !!!!! This girl became my partner in crime, I generally don’t know how I would of survived without her laugh in my life every day!! She was there for me when I needed a friend, when I needed a drink and when I needed a slap! Love you so much Lee!!! 

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