Finally leaving cairns, having packed every single thing we own or acquired into Laurens little beast and onto the road to Byron Bay to start our farm work. Three months on a farm doing regional work to get our second year Visas signed off. First we have to get there in a week and not die, while I’m on crutches and wearing a leg brace. Shortly after this photo we did in fact break down, only an hour into the road trip and myself and Shona had to get out and push as there was a 18 wheeler behind us. Imagine two girls trying to push a car, one wearing a leg brace.. Not one car stopped to help! Stupid Australians, thank god Lauren had oil to fix the problem!

First stop Airlee Beach

We managed to meet up with Kya and Becky from cairns who were coming up the coast which was lovely.

Annnnnd of course the car dies before we set off again! Thank god Shona was in a Scottland Football top while pushing the car as some Scottish boys ran over to help because they noticed the top!

Next stop Hervey Bay to do some whale watching and pick Oliver up.

THIS WAS AMAZING!!! Whales coming up everywhere, breaching and playing around it was unreal!!


Meeting up with more people from Cairns !

$300 laters we were fully prepared for 3 months at a farm!

Then we went in to Killarney Glen waterfal, also known as the heart shape swimming hole which involved a hike that we wasn’t prepared for.

Byron Bay and Nimbin!!

That night in Byron I was west from passion pop!

I woke up with this guy’s face in my bag

Finally the last hurdle ! Not going to mention that Matt and olly left us to get to the farm quicker.. But they did!

Now to pick blueberries for three months, living in a shipping container with no phone signal, let’s do this!

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