So the farm crew headed off to the big City to see the DJ Green Velvet !! All of us jumped in the car, did a three hour road trip back to the City for the first time since coming to the farm. Even though the only thing that changed was the time (yep the clocks went backwards as we drove from New South Wales to Queensland) it felt very weird to be in the city again. I felt like everyone was looking at me knowing I live on a farm and I pick blueberries. I wasn’t wearing make up either which didn’t even cross my mind till I went into a shop and saw my self in a mirror.

This weekend was unrealllllll!!!!! We did a little shopping on the Friday, went to see Green velvet in the evening, slept, ate and chilled on Saturday and got a cheeky midnight dominoes with me Annie Mac and Olly all tucked up in a double bed watching TV. On the Sunday we all got a coffee club and set off home back to tabby! What a weekend with a great bunch of people !!

Car selfie war

Meeting up with Shaun who was my friend at school who moved to Australia when we were 13 and to finally see him again was lovely!

We splurged out a little and got a private room which came with our own balcony !

The next day of course we were hungover and woke up at 3pm! So we headed to the Pig and Whistle for some late lunch and YORKSHIRE PUDDING!!

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