Birthday girl in her birthday suit !

I just wanted to make a post about this incredible girl which is very difficult to do due to the lack of wifi we get where we currently live in Tabulam (Lauren I’m sure you will understand my need to drive to McDonald’s every week now). Lauren Quinn is one of my bestest friends I’ve ever had. She’s seen me at my best, at my worst, just after surgery, just after I’ve woken up from a heavy night, hot and fustrated (I will never climatised to foreign temperatures), laughing till my stomach hurts and scared for my life when we saw a shark on the Great Barrier Reef! I couldn’t think of anyone better to come travelling with. She is the most chilled relaxed person and she reminds me to slow down and chill. The amount of times I’ve got my self worked up and in over my head over something stupid and then 2 minutes talking to Lauren and I’m back on the ground completely fine. As we have been travelling together for nearly a year now we have had our fare share of growing and we have done so well making lives for our serves separately as well as together. As we are not joint at the hip it is so refreshing to have a little catch up and gossip just us to. When we do this she’s my home away from home. I can be at a party with so many people but as soon as I see her ( normally doing her thing on the dance floor) im fine and I feel that homely feeling you normally get around Christmas sitting in front of the Tv watching some shit on the TV.

I cannot count how many times people have told me how amazing Lauren is and how her energy inspires them. I feel so lucky to experience the best time of my life with her!! She’s my little Op shop Queen!! Love you so much baby girl!

Ok onto the birthday celebrations..

First things first..6:30am Koala suite girls up and ready to decorate the cabin.

Then after work was done home to set up the evenings celebrations of a Mexican dinner party.

Massive THANKYOU to everyone who helped me organise, set up and decorate the field at the back of our hostel to insure Lauren had the best birthday possible! From the boys carrying the tables and digging up the ground for my tiki torches to the girls helping me run round with streamers and the worst job of all.. Blowing up balloons, which in Australian heat, do not last long!

Everyone was told to bring a Mexican dish and surprisingly 3 out of 15 dishes were meat.. The most veggie party I’ve ever been too!! People dressed up and got very drunk which was such a good night! Was so lovely to do something different from the same house parties that we tend to have every weekend on the farm. My first Mexican and it was delisious!!  


On Laurens actual birthday we celebrated in the morning with presents and pancakes! 

Lauren I hope this was a birthday to remember ! I know you were anxious to have a birthday at a farm in the middle of know where but with our new farm family,this was by far the best dinner party I’ve ever been too! Happy birthday sweetie xxx

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