Farm Life continued…

So even though we were meant to work all week, sometimes we would only have work 2-3 times a week , being weather permitted, so we managed to fill our time with drinking, swimming, being idiots and so on. Being in small town, most the parties were at the same houses which meant finding a designated driver and see how many people they could fit in one car. Once we got there it was pretty much an outdoor party and it was always freezing so you had to drink to stay warm, even though there was a fire at every party, every party resulted in the drunkest girl falling into it, which was hilarious! Thankfully our hostel was the 5* of hostels for the farm so we didnt have too many parties there. We left it for the disgusting hostels to have the parties and then we could leave and leave all the mess behind and come home to a clean camp!

Our first big party and Lauren Matt and Olly decide to have a food fight with butter.

Or we’d spend days in the hammocks in the forest next to our hostel

Or weekends away to Byron Bay to see Sammy and my friend Rob who I met in Byron 7 months prior. We managed to kidnap Sammy and bring her back to Tabulam for a party because we had to make her experience a party on a farm before she left for England ! 

But mostly we partied..


Annie singing her heart out 🙂

For Jamie’s birthday Rose and Brenton kindly let us have a surprise pool party at their house which was amazing!! 

Crazy Aunt Annie!

And some days to escape the heat and go for a swim we would go and get drunk at the creek!

Lauren flying through the air



Sometimes instead of spending days at the creek, we would go on some adventures.

Richmond Look out.

Boonoo Boonoo national park

This is where I decided not to go any further as I wasn’t ready to die and Olly, Annie and Matt thought they where Bear Grills wanting to go to the edge of the waterfall with a 300ft drop! Nahh ahh not today thank you. As soon as they were out of sight I climbed all the way back, got scared to swim on my own so made Snoop stand up and walk towards me and watch me swim in case anything got me haha I am such a whimp!

This national park was practically empty when we went there and became mountain goats for the day, climbing over rocks all day, swimming through streams and not falling off a 200 ft waterfall. When you’re trying to save money on a farm there are some pretty amazing things you can do for free .

Looking back I was so lucky to have such a good farm with all these amazing places on my doorstep, not to mention the amazing people who I met at this farm. This experience is by far the best thing I’ve done in Australia and I’m so glad I decided to do my farm work. Living with the same people for four months in a very confined space can give you cabin fever and you do have off weeks but everyone has them which takes time to learn. But you learn to love everyone and they become your family. Everyone is in the same boat so everyone helps everyone out, you need help fixing a part of your car , someone knows someone who knows about cars, you need any sugar or milk, someone’s got it or you can even get your hair dip dyed using a foundation brush. My farm family became my best friends in such a short amount of time and I will never forget my time at Mountain Blue Farm, not even the time I pooed on a frog!🐸💩

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