So in this tiny little town I live in called Tabulam, they have an annual event at the races which is pretty much the highlight of any locals year. Imagine Epsom ladies day.. But Bogans instead of pikeys, flip flops instead of high heels and goon instead of champagne! At $15 a ticket we were sold and started to get dressed up in a million degrees when my makeup started to melt the second I put it on so I grabbed my trusty fan I brought in Vietnam (that’s lasted me a year now) which strangely went very well with my outfit! The weekend before we were in Brisbane and I stopped in Cotton On and brought the typical skater dress as I needed a new going out dress and thank god I did as the races were a last minute thing. Hannah very kindly did my hair and I stood under the air con trying to do my makeup, as it is nearly impossible to look good in this climate without going through menopause every 5 minutes. Anyway we all looked beautiful, the girls in dresses and the boys in shit shirts, mostly from charity shops I think! We took a few pics and headed to the races where we all proceeded to get very drunk and make lots of bets, lose lots of money and have a great old time! After the races we all headed under the barbed wire and down to the creek for a dip and some cute sunset pics. This was such a good day!!! I wish I made it to the party in the evening because it sounds like I missed a good one but me and Olly where KO’D and stayed home! The day it’s self was good enough for me!

So as this was our first day event it was only right I made Olly ask me officially to be his date to the races, of course I said yes 💁🏻


Oliver is getting pretty good at the candid photos of me after all the agg I give him when it comes to photos or editing. Either that or he only takes photos when I’m not looking because he’s scared I’ll break his phone if I catch him! 

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