8 hour coach journey to see my Australian soul mate!  

A short drive to this place which looked out over the whole of Canberra which I learnt that the parliament building was Canberra first million pound building. This city was only built because they couldn’t decide what to make the capital between Sydney and Melbourne.




First sign we’ve seen like this. Top tourist 


 Holy mother of Christ, this was done by a Kangeroo to Ruby’s car!! A kangeroo! Most British people think they are everywhere and friendly but nope I’ve only seen dead ones or cars that look like this because of them!! This blew my mind




After we did some walking around galleries we obviously went out to see what Canberra was like as Ruby has just moved here her self and who better to explore than us two tourists!   






 Best day to recover.. Dominoes & 6 movies 🙌🏼  

 Time to leave Ruby 😔 what an amazing weekend! I’m so glad I went to see her because once again she had me in fits of laughter the whole time! My favourite Australian of all time !!!! I’m coming to see you again soon honey 😘

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