So we arrived in Sydney just in time for Australia Day, which is a day dedicated to drinking really. We explored the harbour before we found Carl, a guy we was with for an epic week on Gili T, who lives in Sydney and showed us around the good pubs and bars near ‘The Rocks’ in Sydney. Was actually a beaut day, free live music all up and down the street, crazy food and food stalls and beer! What more could you want! Rookie error by wearing my new heels and had to buy socks half way through the day.. Which where obviously covered in kangeroos because it’s Australia and why the hell not. Was so good to see my main man car again and chilling in the sun! Great first few days to Sydney!    








These beaut things are chips on a stick! This isn’t my photo but I didn’t take a photo of the one I actually ate because I was too hungry. 



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