Pedn Vounder Beach Cornwall – A guide to this amazing white sand bay

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Beaches in Cornwall are known to be some of the best in England and Pedn Vounder Beach in our eyes, is up there with one of the best in the UK.

Our Pedn Vounder beach guide covers everything you need to know about this white sand haven. Including when to visit, tide times, how to get there and things to do nearby.


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Exploring Cornwall

Although we have both lived in the UK most of our life, we both haven’t spent much time exploring Cornwall and the South West of England. The typical attitude of “lets travelling to the other side of the world” before we even think about exploring our own backyard.

After spending 2 weeks in our campervan travelling along the south coast in the summer, we can safely say that there is plenty to do and see in Cornwall.

One evening we spent the night scrolling through google maps looking for sandy beaches nearby when we accidentally stumbled across the beach, Porthcurno beach.

The next morning we set off to the beach, on the way there we did a little more research online. We found that Pedn Vounder was nearby, we hoped it would be more secluded and hopefully a little quieter.

The idea was to be able to take some great pictures for our Instagram, what we didn’t find through our research is that it is an unofficial nudist beach. This makes it a little awkward getting the camera or drone out in front of everyone.

We decided to write this comprehensive guide to the beach and the surrounding area so others don’t get caught out like us. Unless you want to, which is totally fine 😏


📍 Where is Pedn Vounder beach

Places that are hard to reach in life are usually some of the best and most rewarding. This is no exception when it comes to visiting Pedn Vounder. Found deep into the southwest of Cornwall lies this incredible beach. Its remoteness is one of the reasons it is so pristine.

You will find Pedn Vounder 7.5 miles south of the large town of Penzance close to a village called Treen. The beach is sandwiched between The Minack Theatre, Porthcurno Beach and Logan Rock.


🧭 How to get to Pedn Vounder beach in Cornwall

The quickest, cheapest and easiest way to reach Pedn Vounder beach is by car. There is a car park close by to leave your vehicle securely in and a few small shops and a cafe nearby.

Alternatively, there is a bus service twice a day that leaves Penzance and passes through Treen and Porthcurno and finishes at Lands End. The first service is very early in the morning around 7 am and the second is at around 6 pm.

Failing that you might be able to book a local tour that will take you to all the top beaches around Cornwall.

If you are stuck in Penzance and you want to venture out of the town and explore more of the countryside. Why not hire a car for the day and explore some of the amazing beaches and landmarks.


🚗 Pedn Vounder beach car park

The main car park for Pedn Vounder beach is located on top of the cliffs in the small cornish village of Treen. The drive from Penzance to Treen will take you 20 minutes, winding down the lanes through the Cornwall countryside.

The cark park is in a small field at the end of the village next to the local produce and cafe shop. It is big enough to hold around 100 vehicles but this really does depend on the way people park, as there are no set-out parking spaces.

We found some people are terrible parkers and take up enough spaces for at least 3 cars.

It is for that reason we recommend getting here early, this does not necessarily mean at the crack of dawn. When visiting Pedn Vounder beach tide times play a big part in your visit. Keep reading to find the local tides and best times to visit Pedn Vounder Beach.

The car park fee is a reasonable £2 for the day, please ensure you pay this as it helps support the local community. If you don’t have cash the cafe will happily give you some.

🧗 Access to Pedn Vounder Cornwall

Before we visited Pedn Vounder we read several blogs which most of which gave mixed reviews on the level of access to the beach. We want to give a realistic review on accessing Pedn Vounder beach and provide some handy tips for getting down.

The walk from the Treen Car park down to the beach took us 25 minutes. The day we visited the beach was fairly busy and there was a small queue to reach the beach. So potentially we could have climbed down slightly quicker.

The start of the track leading down to the beach is part of the South West Coastal footpath. It is well maintained but not suitable for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

As you start getting closer to the beach further down the cliffs the track becomes narrower and zig zags across the cliffs, the path is still very accessible. Take care if it has been raining as it can get slippery.

Now for the final 5 minutes of the walk.

Pedn Vounder climb

The word climb might sound slightly dramatic, but for most people, we feel it is defiantly more of a climb than a walk.

Just before you can feel the hot white sand in between your toes there is a large rock that you will need to scale. It is at this point that some people struggle. Don’t stop here though, you have got this! keep pushing on we assure you it is worth it.

After watching a lot of people coming up and down and some even turning back, we have mastered the climb down to the beach.

Our technique

When you are climbing down we recommend you descend facing the rocks. This will allow you to use your hand to grip the rocks giving you more balance. It also allows your body to be closer to the rock face stopping you from going down too fast.

On the way back up it is a lot easier, you should be able to climb back up it the same way you came back down.

Stick to the path and you will be fine. If you still have doubts hang back and watch a few other people’s techniques before you make the climb.


🏖️ Pedn Vounder beach Cornwall review

In our opinion, this is a world-class beach and to find it in the UK is even better. Although it is hard to get to and yes, the seawater is definitely cold 99% of the time, the white sand and the visibility of the crystal clear blue water make up for its temperature.

We personally like the hike down to the beach as it gives your day out a sense of adventure as well as stopping huge crowds visiting which is what occurs at the nearby Porthcurno Beach.

The sand bar offers swimming conditions for all the family and in the summer they even heat a little to great bath-like pools.

Pedn Vounder Beach is in an amazing location when you factor in the proximity of Treen Village and the nearby beautiful landmarks nearby.

Nudist beach Cornwall, pedn vounder beach


What to bring to the beach

Plan your visit to Pedn Vounder well, as unlike Porthcurno Beach there are no facilities here. You don’t want to make the 20 minutes walk along the cliffs and realised you have forgotten the water.

We have put a list together of the essentials you will need to take to the beach. Ideally, you need at least one hand free to help you get down the Pedn Vounder track.

🐕  Visiting Pedn Vounder beach with dogs

Trying to find dog beaches in Cornwall can be tricky. Some beaches have seasonal bans whilst others do not allow dogs all year round. Fortunately, Pedn Vounder is a dog-friendly beach and you can bring your dogs to the beach all year.

Remember the walk down can be tricky and some dogs might struggle climbing down the cliffs. We saw several people carrying small and large dogs down the final descent.


🏠 Camping near Pedn Vounder beach Cornwall

One of the best ways to explore Cornwall is by staying at one of the many campsites or glamping sites. A lot of the campsites are strategically positioned next to some of the best beaches in Cornwall.

Although you cannot camp on the beach at Pedn Vounder or the neighbouring Porthcurno beach, there are several campsites nearby.

The closest camping site to Pedn Vounder beach is Treen Farm Campsite.


Treen Farm Campsite 🏠

Situated at the top of the cliffs and at the beginning of the trail that leads down to Pedn Vounder and Logan Rock is Treen Farm Campsite. The site is only small but is prime real estate when it comes to visiting the local beaches and Minack Theatre.

Treen Farm is a quiet, family campsite and is unable to accommodate large groups, caravans and larger motorhomes (the campsite lane is very narrow, and cannot take motorhomes 6.7 metres and over).

The campsite is a short walk from all of these locations. Additional the village of Treen is even closer, this is where you can find the local pub (The Logan Rock Inn), also the local produce shop and cafe.

There is a small shop on the campsite which is fully licensed so you can stock up on some of the organic produce or essentials you might have forgotten in Penzance.

Treen Farm Campsite Pedn Vounder Beach

Image credit: Treen Farm campsite

Treverven Touring Park and Campsite 🏠

A family campsite found deep in the heart of West Cornwall. The Treverven Touring Park is slightly further away from the beaches in South West Cornwall but remains central to many of the attractions nearby.

Penberth Cove is the closest beach to the campsite which is part of the National Trust. The walk from the touring park is 1.3 miles and follows the South West Coastal Path.

If you continue following the coastal path West, you will pass Cribba head and Logan rock. From Logan Rock, you can look down onto Pedn Vounder Beach.

The Treverven Tourising Campsite has all the usual facilities you expect to find. It is also able to cater for larger vehicles compared to the Treen campsite.

This campsite is also dog friendly, just remember to keep them on a lead.


Lands End Camping and Glamping 🏠

You will find the Lands End Camping and Glamping site roughly in between Porthcurno Beach and the famous landmark of Lands End.

This campsite is a little too far to walk to Lands end of the surrounding beaches. Land End Camping is in the centre of Southern Cornwall which gives you easy access to one of the Cornwalls surf beaches.

Sennen Beach is a short drive from the campsite, it is one of the largest white sandy beaches in the area.


Holiday Cottages Cornwall 🏠

You can find some of the most luxurious cottages in the UK along the Cornish coastline. These beautiful buildings offer amazing views and are the perfect place to stay for a short getaway.

If you plan your timing right (which means out of the school holidays) you can grab a real bargain. When we stay in Holiday cottages it is usually with a group of friends, this helps to keep the cost down when renting a cottage.

There are plenty of holiday cottages in south Cornwall to choose from, some of the best are within walking distance to Porthcurno and Pedn Vounder Beach.

Skyes Cottages have a huge selection of cottages to rent in Cornwall.

Cottages South Cornwall


More Accommodation in Cornwall 🏠

To get all the up-to-date hotel prices in Cornwall search Agoda.



Check out our Things to do in Penzance Guide

Pedn Vounder beach tide times

To get the most out of your visit at Pedn Vounder visiting at low tide is a must.

At high tide, the sea will come racing in and engulf most of the beautiful white sandy beach. Not only is there now a lack of beach to relax on, but the water will also be lapping up the rocks you have to climb down to reach the beach.

Compare this to visiting at low tide, where the retreating tide will expose amazing sand bars and form small pools of crystal clear warm water great for the kids to swim and play in.

If you are lucky and time your visit right with the extreme low tides in spring. It is possible to walk the 400-metre stretch around the bay and into the next cove which is Porthcurno Cove.

*Please see aware the tides can turn very quickly and the last thing you want is to be stuck between the two with an incoming tide.

Check the local tide times at Pedn Vounder.

Nudist beach Cornwall, pedn vounder beach

Nudist beaches Cornwall

Throughout Cornwall, there are many official and unofficial naturist beaches or nudist beaches. Pedn Vounder has made its name locally as being a nudist beach in Cornwall, although the title is unofficial.

During the summer months, naturists flock down the cliff’s edge to this secluded stretch of white sand and blue water.

This seclusion is one of the reasons Pedn Vounder beach is an ideal place to take your clothes off and go for a dip in the sea. Most of the naturists will take up part of the beach close to the bottom of the cliffs set back away from the sea.

If seeing your fellow beachgoers walking along the sand bars completely naked offenders you, then we recommend you do not visit. It has been this way for many years and it isn’t going to stop just because you are not very comfortable with it.

However, this is still very much a family-friendly beach and is one for the Cornwall bucket list so really shouldn’t be missed.

We felt a little uncomfortable getting the camera out and taking lots of pictures on the beach, this sign is actually at another nudist beach we have visited in the past.

Nudist beach sign


Things to do near Pedn Vounder Cove

We have put together a list of other places to visit in South West Cornwall. Most of these locations are famous landmarks or beaches nearby and are within walking distance.

If you have a few spare hours or even days then we highly recommend checking out some of these places nearby.

Porthcurno Beach

In the neighbouring bay, you can find the bigger and more known Porthcurno Beach. This beach is extremely popular with UK tourists in the summer months. It has white sandy and brilliant bright blue water just like Pedn Vounder but the major difference between to two is the beach access.

At Porthcurno, you will find a large car parking area and great access that leads directly to the beach. The large rock formations that make up the cliffs surrounding the beach give the bay shelter.

This beach is also bigger than any of the other bays along this stretch of Cornish Coastline and is part of the National Trust.

There are several facilities at Porthcurno Beach which include, public toilets, Porthcurno Beach Cafe and a lovely pub The Cable Station Inn which is all within walking distance.

You can also find the Porthcurno Cable Technology Museum next to the main beach car park.

The Porthcurno Beach postcode is TR19 6JX.

Porthcurno Beach England

Minack Theatre

Carved into the Cornwall cliffs, overlooking two of the best beaches in the UK (Porthcurno and Pedn Vounder beach) is the Minack Theatre. This open-air theatre was built in 1929 by Rowena Cade and her gardener.

Meticulously crafted by hand rather than machinery, this seriously impressive theatre is somewhere you have to visit on our list of 7 things to do in Penzance.

Things to do in Penzance The Minack Theatre

Porthchapel Beach

Inbetween the Minack Theatre and Portgwarra Beach are Porthchspel Beach. This small secluded beach has clear blue water and is sandy. There are no amenities at this beach.

Most people visiting will park in the Porthcurno beach car park and walk along to coastline to reach this cove.

The walk will take you 15 minutes and forms part of the coastal path.


Portgwarra Beach

Know for its ties to the British historical drama television series Poldark, Portgwarra beach is only small but really packs a punch.

The rocky cliffs on either side of Portgawarra Cove provides shelter along with large boulders that create a boat ramp that leads down into the white sand. It is easy to see why this beach was chosen for a film set.

The sandy beach is only accessible at low tide, but with a crystal clear ocean and a sandy sea bed that turns the water an amazing shade of blue. Portgawaara beach is still worth a visit.

At the top of the old fishing, the cove is the Portgwarra Cafe, this is a great place to stop if you are following the South West Coastal Path.

Whilst visiting Portgawarra beach keep an eye out for the entrance to the secret caves and tunnels.

Porthgwarra Beach Cornwall

Image credit: Matthew Jessop – Visit Cornwall

Sennen Beach

The closest beach to Lands End and possible the biggest white sandy beach in Southern Cornwall. Sennen beach also known as Whitesandsbay is extremely popular with surfers.

The large powerful waves produced by the Atlantic ocean and sandy beach make it a surfers paradise.

Not to mention the number of amenities in the town of Sennen Cove and Mayon. These two small towns have everything you need for a day trip or a week away.

Linked to Sennen Beach you will find the quiet Gwynver Beach. This smaller cove still has beautiful white sand but offers a quieter environment.

The sand dunes at the back of the beach provide excellent protection from the wind.


Image caption:


Nanjizal Beach

One of the hardest beaches to reach is Najizal Beach. Due to its remote location, lack of parking and step access down to the sand, Nanjizal is defiantly a hidden gem in the South of Cornwall.

On either side of the beach, you will find caves and rockpools to explore. The best time to visit Nanjizal beach is at low tide when you can see amazing rock formations.

You can enter one of the large pools at low tide by passing through a rock arch. If you get the timing right you can take some amazing pictures when the sunlight is passing through the rockpool.

Nanjizal Beach Cornwall

Image credit: Goldern Tours

Coastal Path

The Southwest Coastal path stretched 630 miles around the rugged coastline of Cornwall and Somerset. Starting in Poole Harbour and finishing in Minehead. This impressive path will take you passed some of the best things to do in Cornwall.

Part of its beauty is being able to break the walk up into sections. Resting in the Cornish coast towns before heading out again.

The path is extremely hilly in some places, but at the top of these hills, you will have spectacular views. It has some of the best coastlines in England in our opinion.

South West Coastal Path england

Best time to visit Cornwall

The most popular time to visit Cornwall is during the UK summer months July and August. The downside to this is its school holidays. This naturally pushes the prices of campsites up and makes the roads and places to see in Cornwall extremely busy.

If you are planning a trip down south we recommend visiting Cornwall in May or June. This way you will hopefully have good weather (it is the UK after all and nothing is guaranteed) and cheaper prices.


Other places to visit around the UK

The South West of the UK has so much to see and do. On your journey why not break your trip up and stop at some of these famous sights.

Stonehendge Circle



Exmoor National Park

Exmoor National Park

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